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Annual Ft Lauderdale Trip

My trip to Ft Lauderdale was rather uneventful this year, no malicious woundings in the Metro, not falling in love with some guy I barely knew… or even lust.

I took long naps each day, watched more TV that I have in months and got more of a tan… all in all, I had a very relaxing vacation. Considering that my last 4 trips were taken with other people, this is EXACTLY what I needed.

The resort, Pineapple Point was stunning. The rooms (they upgraded me to a Suite) were spectacular, the grounds well kept and the service beyond compare. They saw to almost every need I had before I knew I had it. Bikes for guests to use if they wanted to, an exercise room, water in each room. It was simply lovely.

The bad news: I’m pretty sure I was the only single guy there. Everyone else was there with their partner/lover. So it wasn’t quite as frisky a weekend as I’d hoped, but it was still nice.

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