I can’t of course mention her name… she’d never forgive me.

She has the biggest heart behind the gruffest exterior. A buzzed hair cut, keys jingling as she walks by. Everyone knows her, no one truly knows her-she has touched the lives of so many.

She’s given gifts towards every cause brought to her attention, never takes credit, never signs the card. If something was done for you, by an unknown source, she did it.

The Spiderman statue joined my cubicle as a result of her actions, she’s always said to me: “You’re wasted here… .” There were mornings I’d come in and a woman and or children would be sleeping in one of the cubicles, she made sure they were safe that night. She tries to keep in touch with everyone, people will send the new baby pictures to her, the wedding pictures, people we hadn’t seen in years.

Everything changes now for her, for the rest of you who knew her… that place will never be the same, you’ve truly lost one of the better parts from those colorful walls.

One thought on “Anonymous

  1. Well said. It’s hard to capture all that is Chen, but you came as close as anyone could. Whoever said “Change is good” got it wrong here. Chen leaving CNMC is a big loss for HIV Services and the greater hospital. She will be missed by many!


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