Children's Hospital of Hopes and Dreams

Rainbow halls and cubical stalls
Ms Elliott’s smiling face
Pink Flamingo’s in Chen’s space

Nurses to the left, hearts full of love
“Hello Mary Lou”, he coos
Kim and Keetra, Diana too

Marianne, Sonia and Donna right there
Purple office is Ann’s, always will be
CDC peeps come next, Von, Waldo and Z

Social Workers en mass, near the fax
Courtney, Allie, Sarah
Albert, Cardia and Rashida

Jacquelyn’s gone now, sent to heaven…
Project CHAMP is down the hall
With Denise and Phyllis, and Donna’s stall

Debra having to hear me sing,
Julia sneaking in the back way
A different intern every day

Janique and Denise, come and go
Ebony behind the curtain… snore
Oh so very many more…

Five years is a long time
To share hopes and dreams
I sure miss my team

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