Obstacles in time

Today, January 9th, 2006 would have been my mothers 56th birthday. But, she’s dead, so it’s not. Today is the first day of classes for the second semester, you may remember that the last day of classes for last semester was my birthday, December 6th. Mom manages to screw things up even when she’s dead.

Yesterday the school calls to tell me my first class of the day, Speech, is cancelled due to not enough students. They didn’t know this until yesterday? A Sunday? At 4:00 p.m.? Now what? Well, I have to find a replacement class, as I have to have a certain amount of credits each semester.

The cats know somethings up, they are all skittish this morning… why did that alarm go off again Daddy? They’ll be happy when I open the windows, it’s gonna be 65 today… must suck to live in Wisconsin.

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