Saint Thomas

I don’t think there is a St Gary, so I had to use his real name: Thomas

Gary, my ex-roommate, came to visit me and the cats this weekend. His commute down was quite long on Saturday morning, but not so bad on his way back on Sunday. I gave a tour of the area; showing him my route to school, my favorite restaurants, shopping areas and we drove out to the beach.

Saturday night we ventured out to “The Garage”, a gay bar in the heart of Norfolk’s gay district (Ghent), only to discover later we were there much to early. The sights we saw there were not tremendously appealing.

Sunday, after a nice breakfast at IHOP, Gary (St Thomas) purchased a ton of groceries for me. He truly is a sweet guy, and I know if I get in a bind I can count on him to help me out.

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