Children's Tears

My last day of work at Children’s.
Before I could even make my pot of coffee I saw it… a gift bag from Chen. Pencils, pens, notebooks, folders and more- almost all with a Spiderman theme. I was brought to tears (just now again too, as I write this). After the coffee was brewed I cried over the first cup just thinking of all the wonderful people that I had the opportunity to work with and all the families we helped. Phyllis came in shortly after that with a backpack and lunchbox… also Spiderman themed.

Jen called to wish me well, Albert, Erika, Julie, Julia… people I haven’t seen in a while, but love so much still… made me cry again there that day (and again while I write this).

It was a useless day at work, there was no work done by me that day, besides the last morning anouncements. I had people to say goodbye to, people to hug and cry to, people I love.

I had a farewell at the hospital, with people that meant things to me invited (and people that didn’t too :-)). It was bitter sweet seeing all those people and knowing some of them I may not see in a long while. I had wished Natella, Tamara, and Tammy were there but alas it was not to be.

The farewell outside of the office happened this Friday, and I was truly surprised at the number of people that showed up. Staci and Jen were there, Gerry, Claire, Ann and John, Gary, Jean, Courtney… o so many. It’s hard to be the center of attention… it’s hard to say goodbye to so very many special people.

I look at Jordan and remember Zelda had just had him when she was interviewed for the job. I look at Lailah and want to cry, she used to fall asleep in my lap at work.

My heart is full – the only reason I know that I can love more is because of the love I have seen in you. My life and my soul are the better for having worked with each and everyone of you.

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