Hit Hard

Hit hard Can’t stop the tearsStarted with self doubtThen came the fear There’s a point somewhere A cause of the scareAn underlying reasonSome kind of demon Want to run away and hideWish I’d already diedDon’t want to search for clues As to why I’m feeling the blues Does it ever stopEver get betterClimb my way on topOnly […]

I Wake

I wake There is no weariness in me No remnants of terror from a nightmare I simply wake convinced I’ve slept well into the morn my eyes open to darkness the distant digital clock blinks at me that it’s a little after four I rise and go closer, my eyes play tricks without my glasses almost […]

Thomas Road

it’s 40 now not 35 it’s 40 now not 35 i don’t know why you can’t drive it’s 40 now not 35   the sign is back there look, there’s another it went up back there  oh brother   why are you slowing down? WTF, WTF, WTF i can’t get around


his tongue drops brandy on my lips heart pulses hard, hot, steel rod in my hand trace fingers over silken chest sweat trickles, salty sweet migrate to manhood thirst, hunger, greed… or need panting, groaning twin bed creaking pain and heat, friction so sweet legs a vice around him pulling him deeper, harder tempo, crescendo […]

foster home

brown house now blue gray hair then and now too Ma in rocker knitting Pa in recliner fear crawls up my spine my bags packed, all that is mine social worker pressures shoulder keeps me from running dinner together, conversation and laughter alien world, foreign notions – food a plenty tears delay that first night, […]