If everything goes according to plan, this Saturday, May 8th 2021 I will celebrate 27 years of continuous sobriety. I spent 22 of those years in the rooms of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), attending a meeting at least once a week. Raising my hand to volunteer, reaching out my hand to newcomers and reading the literature. […]

Walking Away from AA

After being a member of Alcoholics Anonymous for 21 (almost 22 years) I’ve made a decision to walk away from AA. I don’t have a desire to drink – really I don’t. This is really about the AA programs “suggestion” that you believe in a power greater than yourself that will help you to stay […]

Share in a General Way

I’m a fan of round-ups, it’s a good place to hear experience, strength and hope from all over the world – usually. About 15 years ago I went up to the Upper Peninsula (the UP) of Michigan for a round-up with a bunch of folks from my Eau Claire AA meetings. I was looking forward […]