A Small Rant

I had a conversation tonight with two gentlemen I respect – well mostly I listened ūüėČ We were talking about how the American way apparently is to take and keep taking. It isn’t about give and take or about giving until your heart bleeds – the American way is about pleasing yourself. No more being […]

Eric John – Part VII

You can read earlier parts of this story starting here: Eric John¬† Mrs. Wirsing was worried sick when Eric John didn’t show up for class after the second period. She just knew something bad had happened, the children’s services worker that she had met had assured her he would be in the same school district. […]

Thoughts on Eric John

One of the things I don’t think I do well when I write a story is dialogue. It just doesn’t seem to come off well and I don’t like it. I’ve done it a few times where it seems ok but when I look at it I have doubt about what I’ve done and if […]

Eric John – Part VI

This story begins here: Eric John A light knock on the door as it opened followed by a soft “Good morning dear” and Eric John thought it had all been a nightmare. But he looked up to see Kathy, not his mother, in the doorway. She had changed into an orange ensemble for the day […]

Eric John – Part V

You can read earlier chapters here¬†– IV here: Part I, Part II, Part III, and Part IV This multi-part story¬†a rather new thing for me to try to do – it started with a Parts I and II keeping me up at night running around in my brain being crazy. So I had to write […]

Basketball Season 2016

Last night I was at the Phoenix Suns vs Portland Trailblazers game with my friend Flo. It was a stressful game – we were behind to being, then tied it up and then kept losing our lead to tie it up again… At the end of the game during overtime there was a wild 3-point […]

Eric John – Part IV

Part I can be found here: Eric John Part II can be found here: Eric John II Part III can be found here: Eric John III Eric John spent the day with the folks from children’s services. They kept asking him the same questions over and over a million different ways. He wanted to scream […]

Eric John Part III

Part I can be found here: Eric John Part II can be found here: Eric John II After Eric John’s mother dropped him off for school that morning from the bus stop, she headed for her own job like any other day. Her walk to work each day was about a mile – it was […]

Eric John – Part II

Part I can be found here: Eric John Wednesday morning Eric John woke up late. His mother¬†had not knocked on the door with her regular greeting, his door was still shut, his room quiet.¬†With trepidation he rose from his bed and headed for his mother’s room to check on her. Her bedroom door was still […]

Eric John

I haven’t gotten much sleep the last few nights, I’ve had this story brewing inside my head and more and more of it keeps coming out. I’d be just about ready to fall asleep and another part would creep into my thoughts and I’d have to see how it played out. So here we are […]