Let's Be Perfectly Clear

I was fired, you sent a kill command to my blackberry, my computer and told me to vacate the premises. So when you have employees call up or email and ask where files might be, I am under no obligation to answer. I was willing to stay with the firm for 30 days, and remain […]

Where there is smoke…

I had started to decide in November, during the company retreat to Cancun that I needed to move on. The amount of animosity between my two bosses kept growing and growing. Both of them were talking to me about what was going on, but neither would talk to the other. I expressed to John, while […]

When did it start? and why?

I don’t know the why of it… I can speculate that he was having troubles making payments on his credit cards and to investments groups that he belongs to (he has a habit of discussing his financial issues in the open office for all to hear). In the summer he first started to talk about […]

Hypothetical Math

So the two Principals of the firm both billed out (each) $350,000 annuallyThe top architect, under the Principals billed out about $250,000 annuallyThen approximately (by the rest of the staff) about $142,000 annuallyand add in consultants billings are about $101,000 annuallyBringing a grand total of billed amounts to clients at $1,200,000 roughly You have annual […]

Little Differences and Priorities

In January of 07, the entire staff were invited to go to an all inclusive resort in NY, on the company’s dime for the weekend. I made reservations at the hotel, and told everyone that I would be sending out a note about travel arrangement options. Before I had the chance everyone, including John, sent […]

He's reading …

So now that we know he’s reading it, one last piece of advice: Your staff knows your the President of the company, they’ve known since they were hired. You don’t need to remind them two and sometimes three times a week… they know. Its the joke of the company.

Micromanagement – The Finer Details

Micromanagement was evident when I was just the office AA, but both the Office Manager and I were brand new so I assumed it would go away. I was wrong. One particular event that comes to mind was in January of 2007. I was preparing to send out the newsletters to 300 or so people. […]

The Newsletter

The newsletter is what John really wants to sell. This is the project that for over a decade he’s been hoping would become a money maker. This is where I kept remembering AA definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. When I came on board, the newsletters price […]

How I became an office manager… and other horrors

In May or June of 2006 I had originally interviewed for the position of Office Manager at my last job (that I was recently fired from). Two of the three people that interviewed me didn’t think I could do the job, so they hired someone from an agency to do the job. I was then […]


I’ve been fired. Yesterday. They sent a “kill” command to my Blackberry deleting all the information on there. So, here on my blog I’m going to document what’s been going on for the last year or so. Then, I’ll welcome your opinions on the matter.