The Dreaded Beast – Meetings

Have I ever mentioned how much I hate meetings. Hate is a strong word, I know… I’m pretty sure it’s hate. Can’t stand them, go out of my way to prevent them from happening if at all possible. I haven’t pulled a fire alarm or called in a bomb threat, but maybe it’s worth the risk. Chances are we’d then have to have a meeting about safety and irresponsibility.

I’m a worker. I want to get to the office sit in front of my computer and crank out work. There is always plenty of work. This hasn’t been true at many of my jobs in the past… Job after job after job I would find myself bored, playing on Facebook, playing solitaire or surfing the web when my work was finished… I did my job now I have free time to goof off. I even had a job where I could play World of Warcraft and still be productive.. not a lot to do so lots of time to be creative.

My current job, in the insurance industry doesn’t allow me to play around… oh, I’m sure I could find a way to do nothing, but I don’t have to. I have so much work to do and the team that works with me does too… so there is no need to find other things to do to occupy my time… I have work that needs doing and I can do it so therefore I’m not bored… boredom is the day killer.

A meeting, regardless of purpose (purpose is a rare quality in any meeting I’ve been to) is generally boring. There is no work being done. No one is being active… or perhaps one person is being active and the rest of the group is staring at their screen. One person will ask a dumb question and the rest of the meeting will groan to themselves and wonder why that person keeps being asked back to the meeting, secretly they’ve been planning his murder.

Generally meetings consist of one of the following:

  • This work isn’t being done.
  • This work is being done incorrectly.
  • How can we get more work done.
  • We should schedule a meeting to talk about having a meeting.
  • Let me ramble on and on about a plan I would like to put in motion that will fix nothing but mandates you pay attention to me for an hour or more.  (generally a consultant)

I try to stay open minded. I try to be helpful and input good information, if I have it. I try to take notes that make sense to me…. but generally, I’m bored.

It isn’t just the boredom that gets me… it’s the frustration of knowing I could be at my desk at that moment doing ACTUAL work. Putting dents into large projects, finishing small projects, helping customers and generally … well working.

One meeting a week… ok I can do it. Two – three meetings four days of the week… omg… help me… do I want to have another meeting… do you really have to ask me that question?

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