Little Trip

I’m off today, going to Las Vegas to visit with Suzanne. I’m just waiting for the dishwasher to get done and I’ll be on my way – it’s a odd thing to wait for but I want to put the dishes away before I head out. It’s going to be around 80 in Vegas so cooler than here and I might bright a long sleeve shirt or two.

I had my car broken into the other night – I don’t lock it anymore after the bowling ball was stolen and the window smashed… but I don’t keep anything valuable in there either. They rifled through the glove box and made a mess but broke nothing.  But yesterday my hood was open, still latched.. it’s just odd coincidence. right?

On my drive I’ll be listening to The Art of War by Sun Tzu and probably some music.

I don’t actually like being away from the office – I always worry things wont get done right.

RBU has told me two terrible stories about driving to Vegas – one prior to the bridge when you had to wait for Homeland Security to let each car through and another about head-on crashes… see he doesn’t like me to not be at work either.

Anway, the dishwasher finally stopped making noises so I’ll be heading out soon. Have a nice weekend all.

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