Vacationing Harder

Today I’m sick, horribly sick: coughing, fever, chills, diarrhea, tired… actually I feel better right now than I have in a while. I’ve been on an antibiotic since Saturday morning for what I’m thinking is Cruise Crud -having just been on a cruise for 4 days and it started on the boat with a mild sore throat which just kept getting worse. This morning I started craving solid foods, having been on liquids really for the past several days. Ice-cream feels so good on my throat…. aaahhhhh

I did, however, have a really great time on vacation with my two best friends Eric and Suzanne. They had never met before and it was nice to see them get along right away. They’ve both said very nice things about the other in private and both said “I can see why he/she is your best friend.” They are pretty amazing people.

I arrived in Ft Lauderdale on Saturday evening and after the Uber driver took a few wrong turns and I just got out of the vehicle when she was lost one more time – I finally arrived at my hotel. Eric was staying at the same hotel, and though we didn’t know it at the time, Suzanne was at the hotel next door (I had asked her earlier in the day where she was staying and she said “I don’t know yet” – that would drive me crazy).

Eric and I had dinner at a local cuban restaurant which was pretty decent food. Then went back to the hotel bar to watch football – sadly the Patriots won. It was late Suzanne and crew asked us to dinner but we had already eaten so we declined.

Suzanne was determined to see me though so as I texted her that I was going to bed she texted that she had just arrived at my hotel downstairs, so I went to see her and her friend Jeff (one of the organizers of Shiprocked). It was a brief meeting but nice to see her. She volunteered me to help with lanyards the next day and I went to bed.

On Sunday night I was already excited at the prospect of going home…. usually my vacations are a few short days and then back to work and my little bedroom. My preferred place to be. The idea that I would be spending time on a ship with a couple of thousand people for 5 days was pushed out of my mind. I like my scheduled life where I get up early have two cups of coffee with breakfast before heading to work and then return home to play video games and sleep. I was going on this cruise with my two best friends and I had committed to it so here I was.

Getting on the ship wasn’t a problem, long lines but they went by very fast. I was with Eric during that time and we had Uber’d over to the port. We got to our room – four people would be in that room for 4 days – it was small. One bunk bed type with the bottom bunk for a very short person – as Eric is the shortest of us he was volunteered. I took the top bunk and our roommates shared the bed. I knew one of them – Jerry – an old friend; he had brought along his best friend John (they didn’t really enjoy the cruise).

The first night as we debarked we were supposed to hear Sevendust perform as we pulled away, but some problem with customs kept their gear from being allowed on the ship and what was to be a 4 o’clock show was 7 or something.

Every day there were a great number of mini-concerts to see and the bands (most of them) were out amongst the regular guests being all regular and stuff. It was very intimate.

There was plenty of eye candy night and day – bearded, beefy guys in bands and just on the ship were everywhere. Some drunk girl hit on me, that was interesting.

The one port of call we had was to Grand Turks – not much to do there so we just relaxed on the beach. I should let it be known that Eric and I hung out together most of the cruise – Suzanne has this need to be very active and involved in everything so she was doing her own thing – apparently water skiing in Grand Turks.

The best performance on the ship that I saw was by Avatar – great band and very entertaining. After that I’d say Breaking Benjamin and Lacey Sturm.

Other performers: Papa Roach, Sevendust, Living Sacrifice, 12 Stones, Wilson, Crobot and more.. such a great time.

On Wednesday I woke up with a sore throat which progressively got worse so I didn’t get to see all the shows I wanted. Everything I saw was great and it was great to spend that time with my friends.

Now I’m home, recovering with an antibiotic and plenty of liquids (the body craved solid food so I went to get some today – didn’t get much in me before the body said “bad idea”). I wanted to be at the office today and all that’s happened now is that I’ll have even more to do tomorrow. Ugh.

I’m appreciative of my bosses for allowing me the time to go on a cruise. The folks who put the cruise together. And of course the two best friends a guy could ask for Eric and Suzanne. I’m glad they like one another.


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