For the Love of Baseball… well Baseball Fans

I get the impression that it’s very un-American to not care much for baseball.

Back in school I think we played softball and I was usually one of the last kids picked – I never got that dad who wanted to play catch in the back yard, mine always wanted to drink or beat the shit out of our mom whenever he wasn’t in jail or running from the cops. 

When I went out to L.A. to play softball (well I went for the Big Meeting) I actually hit the ball once – it flew straight into the air and I was baffled where it went, more likely shocked that the bat and ball connected. The ball came straight down on top of my head with a loud bonk, fortunately for me I didn’t have to play anymore softball. 

The next trip to L.A. my friend Terry thought it would be fun to go to a Dodgers game – Terry obviously didn’t know me as well as I thought he did. It was rather boring, spending all that time in traffic to then spend all that time amongst people yelling and drinking and carrying on. But I did finally get to know what the seventh inning stretch is, I had never known that people just stand up and stretch… seems like an awfully lame thing to get such a big cliche.

I’ve watched (mostly because it was on in the background) parts of the World Series a year or two… but haven’t really connected. This year I’ve been bombarded by media, social media and friends who are all excited about the Nationals and I’ve been checking out the scores and listening in the background trying to figure out if they’re still doing well. It’s rather exciting to have your home team doing this well, and I’m proud of them. I hope they keep getting touchdowns and laps or whatever so my friends will be happier and the town can once again know the feeling of a winning team – we all know the Redskins aren’t going to do it again this year.


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