Relax – While I Can

Flew down to San Antonio this weekend to see Bill! 🙂

I awoke before the crack of dawn to get to the airport for my flight that was to leave before 6:00. Alas, when I arrived to check my bag I was informed that my flight had been delayed until 3:00 p.m. There didn’t appear to be any weather issues in DC or in Memphis so I asked the guy, why didn’t they send an email or call me? “It just happened” he said. *sigh* So I was re-booked through Atlanta and made it to San Antonio only one hour after I had been scheduled to be there. Then I hopped in a cab for the house as Bill had work.

When he arrived home and we kissed a bit we headed off to Chris Madrid’s for one of the best burgers I’ve ever had (the fries were pretty good too). After our meal we headed off to Best Buy to look at a new refrigerator for the house as the current one isn’t keeping things cold anymore. We found a lovely model that’ll be installed this coming Friday. I also got to drool over the 27″ iMac they had in the Apple section.

Saturday was just a nice quiet day with Bill, part of which was spent lying on the floor listening to Oscar nominated songs of the past on NPR. Sunday after breakfast and a trip to see my future in-laws we headed back to the house to prepare to the Oscars. We didn’t talk or worry about the wedding, or about much of anything, we just spent time together which was nice.

Monday came too quickly and I was packed and out the door for home. Can’t wait to see him again, only 25 more days. 😦

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