The In Between Place

I’m not the best speller just ask my boss who frequently corrects things that I type for him. In high school I was worse I misspelled several things that I look back on now as just foolish, how on earth could I spell those things wrong. I’ve found that the more I realize my mistakes and correct them the more I remember how a word should be spelled and then I catch myself, mid word sometimes, and correct it.

One of the words I used to misspell in high school was friend. I always wanted to put the e before the i and kept getting corrected on papers when using the word.  Until one day Ms. Gretch, my English lit teacher, explained how to spell it.

“A friend will always END”

I’ve never forgotten that. It seems a little harsh to be telling a high schooler, but it really did work.

Sadly, it also appears to be true.

2 thoughts on “The In Between Place

  1. So far we are still spelling it wrong and that’s good! I love you and you are my best freind and I always count on you to be honest with me.


  2. I think that I would rather reword what your teacher said to: A friend will never END. You’re my friend and I know that you will always be there for Jim and me. I love you.


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