Random Thoughts and an important announcement

I’m currently on a US Airways flight from DC to Fort Lauderdale, this is the ticket that I had to use from my Cancun trip that was cancelled last year when My Pa died. It’s rather appropriate that I’m on this trip this weekend as my name was officially changed on Tuesday. I’m very proud to be a Prudlick.

Because I’m headed to Ft Lauderdale and not Cancun this ticket is a First Class ticket and I’m sitting next to an elderly gentleman that has an oxygenation machine under his feet. He seems like a nice guy… but all I can see it this thing exploding under his feet, sending him skyrocketing into the atmosphere … I’d die too of course, just being close to the tank as it explodes and sends metal shards slicing through my body. Yes, I’m a bit of a pessimist… or is that a called something else?

I’m looking forward to being down there at one of my favorite hotels, yes – clothing optional – just relaxing by the pool with my Kindle in hand and my eye on the various “sights”.

It’s been an odd week or so, Jim’s mother is in home hospice about to die and he’s been up in New Jersey with other members of his family waiting. I know this is tough on all of them. Jim is quick to point out that it is nice that she’s holding on, even if she’s not conscious as they have an opportunity to say goodbye several times, and just be there with her. I don’t know what’s better the sudden death like with my Pa or this drawn out dying with Jim’s mom. Maybe they both have benefits and detractions. Either way it’s hard to lose a parent. Jim’s mother passed away this afternoon after several months in home hospice.

At the office we’re finally being paid for work we had done over 4 months ago, I think the economy is affecting companies all over and this is one of the ways. I imagine they too are waiting for payments from other sources. Jim has been working on projects while at his mothers so we should have billables to send out at the beginning of the month. August wasn’t such a good month for billables perhaps around $8,700 – usually we bill out $22,000 to $46,000 (the $46k was a really good month).

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