I Watched The Watchmen

I watched the Watchmen and I must say, it was almost word for word from the book. The casting was great, the actors looked like they jumped from the pages of this epic story.

My friend Steve asked if I thought it was too long, and I didn’t, I was very careful about how much soda I drank and at 2 Hours and 45 Minutes even the amount I had was dangerous, but I made it through the movie.

It’s not a special effects kind of movie, not really, there are some, but they movie is a story, that sounds silly… but that’s what it is, not a fast, action packed blockbuster, but a look at the world through the eyes of it’s “saviors” and you might be surprised how they see and react to the world.

There were minor changes to the story that I didn’t appreciate:

1. The scene where Rorschach handcuffs the kidnapper/murderer to the stove. In the book he hands him the butcher blade and lights the place on fire, telling him that he’ll never get through the handcuffs in time… that I think would have been a better scene, I didn’t see the character using the blade that way, it was odd for me. Given that they cut out a lot of the therapy sessions he endured I guess they had to show his mental state and how he justifies it in a simpler way, but I was disappointed.

2. and I can’t remember the other thing… lol, but it annoyed me at the time.

The thing was, I couldn’t stay upset about it, I’d get drawn back into the story and forget all about their transgression.

It was a great movie, I don’t think you need to read the story before you go see it on the big screen, but I do think you’ll appreciate it more if you do. I read the story the first time in a drunken daze, and didn’t catch all the little things that were going on in the background (things that aren’t in the movie but are in a DVD released this month I understand). After I got sober and picked it up again, I saw it for what it was, an adult story that looks at the mental state it would be to be a superhero, what kind of people willing put on tights to save the world? A story about the price of peace. A story about truth and not looking at it at all. Well, it’s about so much more than that, but you’ll have to read it or see it to see what I’m talking about.

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