Shadow Government – a reality?

I should point out right away that I tend to be a conspiracy theorist and this is one of those rants.

Still there? wow, well thanks… here we go then

In December (I think) of 2008 the brother to our then President, Jeb Bush, said that it might be a good idea to avoid becoming “the old white-guy party,” and for the republicans to form a shadow government. (Source: ). Now lots of folks didn’t take this kind of thing seriously, and why would we it’s laughable.

Or is it?

On January 30th, 2009, the Grand Ol Party (a.k.a. “the old white-guy party”) elected Michael S. Steele to be the RNC Chairman. This guy’s campaigns have been endorsed by the evil men we already know: Dick Cheney and Karl Rove. He says the color of his skin has nothing to do with him being elected, but I disagree. It sets up the Shadow Government perfectly. Not only does it look like the GOP has a change of heart, but it also keeps realists like me wondering what they are really up to, which leave the Shadow Government open to do the things that it thinks needs doing.

Crazy right? Just wait, it gets better.

Harry Reid, answered a question about a 10% raise in the congressional budget: “We had a situation — you should direct that question to Senator McConnell,” he said, referring to the Senate Minority Leader, “because we had trouble organizing this year. He wanted to maintain a lot of their staffing even though they had lost huge numbers. And the only way we could get it done is to do what we did. So you should direct that question to Senator McConnell.” Well what do you think they need these extra staff members for? To maintain the offices of Jeb Bush’s Shadow Government of course.

Now, lots of things are possible. I suppose that the same party that has been “the old white-guy party” for such a long period of time could have possibly changed their tune and thought… Wow, there are other races! Let’s let them have a part in our schemes. That certainly seems likely. That’s why they would put Bobby Jindal out in front of the National audience after Obama, whom we know can speak.

Seriously, come on, this is all smoke and mirrors. Where are the grumpy white men with money, young wives and guns? This is all so we wont see what the Republicans are really doing. It frightens me.

OK, I’ll quit ranting for a while, but I think Jeb Bush’s secret government is plotting something, something stupid if he’s anything like his brother, and then we’ll all pay.

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