The Black Knight and the Rose

Over 20 years agoEric “Sleazy” Nelson, Rosy Pieper and James Appel roamed through the halls of G-E-T High School (yes, that’s really a school) causing nothing but trouble…

Ok, that’s not true, for the most part we were well behaved, Rosy especially – she didn’t even smoke cigarettes.

We did however form friendships that have lasted on and off for the last couple decades; they both disappeared off my radar when I was drunking and boozing – how dare they – they didn’t actually go anywhere, I just lost touch with reality. Along with several other folks from back they, these friendships remain strong.

It was just last summer that we were all in the same spot again for the first time in ages and it was nice to see friends at home.

This weekend Eric, Rosy and I will hang out together and reminisce about old times complain about new times and have a good time, the only regret we are likely to have is that Ted and others wont be with us, as that would make it a truly memorable weekend.

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