Superbowl XLIII

I watched the Superbowl, well, really I watched the ads for the Superbowl – I was reading (Just After Sunset – Stephen King) and tried to pay attention during commercial breaks. Usually the most exciting part of the big game for me is the new commercials.

First I want to say that this was a chance for automakers to show us something new, something different and something green – I was a little surprised to see any automaker with Superbowl ads at all, these the are most expensive commercials in the year and these folks just begged for money from the taxpayers. If you were going to spend the money perhaps you should have shown us how you’re going to change your business model and make a profit again. Maybe how you were going to help the country relieve itself from its dependence on oil by giving us the vehicles we know you can make, but are unwilling to.

Second, I know during these tough economic times that NBC had a hard time finding advertisers to fill the spots, but there were entirely too many NBC ads. I did like the Alex Baldwin HULU ad, the Heroes football game, but the rest were overkill.

Third, this was actually a good game to watch, I gave up on the Cardinals early on, but they came back and stole the show from the ads, engrossing me in the actual game – I know – unthinkable. If they had only come out fighting like that in the first quarter it might have been an entirely different outcome.

Lastly, I just think it may be time for us to have half time shows move out of the 80s and into the 90s… yes, I know you Bruce fans are all offended thinking this guy will live forever… but I have no intention of watching the show when most of the performers will need to be in walkers to be out there. There are quite a few performers of this decade that could have entertained just as well.

Anyway, I’m glad the game is over.

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