You Don't Have To Look At It

So I was having lunch with a friend the other day. Having recently gone back to my old very short hair cut, with a sad face she commented:

Oh, you cut off your hair again, why did you do that?

To which I replied: yes, I felt better with it this short and liked how I looked.

She said: Well you don’t have to look at it unless your looking in the mirror.

Which really has just managed to get on my nerves over the last few days… I know, I know… I’m not supposed to let things like this bother me anymore, but this is typical of this friend. It’s not just me that she talks this way to I’ve heard her talk to her children and other friends with the same disregard for their feelings.

I guess after a while I just want to avoid hanging out with this person and just trying to remain friendly without getting close enough to be insulted again. But what kind of a friendship is that? Not much of one at all, but certainly less passive aggressive attacks – so maybe its worth it.

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