Inaugural Invasion

Well, first I just had a flash in my head of Mid Atlantic Leather (MAL) being on the same weekend as President-Elect Obama’s inaugural… wow, tons of guys in leather decending on our nations capital at the same time as the tourists and historist (new word – people that want to be a part of history, but wont actually be able to see anything the entire time, as we’ll be overrun). Maybe the Prez-Elect would visit the Eagle that night, that would be cool.

Anyway, I know this is a big deal, and I know at least a million people are expected to come to our fine city… and I just can’t help but think that I want to be anywhere but here that weekend. I understand the people in charge of the festivities are planning 4 days of events. 4 days! just wow. I know there are several other things going on that weekend (MAL, MLK Jr Day, Inauguration, snow… ) and I just cant’ imagine finding services that wont have long lines, or escalators where the uneducated will stand on the left.

Am I the only one living in this city that thinks being here is the last place the want to be that week?

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