This Weekend

I took the train up to BWI and was picked up by my best friend from high school, Eric. He lives up in Hamstead, MD very close to Boring, MD… no really.

We drove Friday night into Baltimore to attend a comedy club where one obnoxious drunk guy almost ruined the night for everyone… to be honest the three other drunks with him were also a bit distracting as well, not just to the audience but also to the comedians. The first two comedians were a bit thrown off by the heckler – for lack of a better word – and weren’t that funny, the last guy did manage to have us in stitches.

Saturday morning we woke early and headed to the Renaissance Festival. It has been several years since I’ve been to the Renaissance Festival, and that one was in MN and I was stoned or drunk I’m pretty sure. This was a nice large place with lots to look at and some good entertainment.

Then Eric and I stopped in Arrundel Mills and had lunch and then back to his house for some Battlestar Galactica.

It was nice to spend time with him. He’s finally retired from the Air Force and last time he was in the area for 3 years we saw one another maybe twice, so we’ll try to keep the friendship more active this time.

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