At lunch on Friday, Mark and Robert joked about inheriting two more cats (John had two cats). I don’t actually know what’s going to happen to the two felines, but I hope they find a loving home. When I go, if Q and Mouse are still alive, I think Gary will likely take care of them – unless I’ve moved out cause I found a boyfriend and my cats are terrorizing him now. They only ever liked me and Gary, though Mouse did eat sour cream from a spoon when Jean-Pierre was here feeding it to her.

My friend Pat, has always wanted my comic book collection. Its not a good collection, just a bunch of comics that I’ve never taken care of. Most of them are not even bagged up. When I sold my comics a long time ago for beer money I decided they weren’t that important to save for financial reasons. I collect them for the stories. I know Pat will read them and be very happy… Brenda (Pat’s wife) will wish they were put away and not just all over the place… lol

I don’t know what I have that Suzanne might want. She would likely find the cards she’s given me over the last 14 years to be a wonderful thing to have in remembrance of me, and the pictures if I have kept any (I tend to toss things out if I’m spring cleaning – which I do every three months or so). She gave me one card when I first moved out here to DC that still makes me want to cry each and every time I think about it.

If my Ma and Pa or Rhonda want anything, I wouldn’t know what that would be … but they should be given that opportunity. Well… not Pa, as he’s come up with a scheme to do something with everything and it would sit in the shed for 10 years as a dust collecting experience… lol

That’s really it, I don’t have much else… I would hope that if there is any money at all left that everyone that knew and loved me made sure no one in my biological family got any of it. Pay for my funeral, make sure Gary has some money to take care of the cats and then donate the rest to a good cause. (A good cause is helping HIV/Breast Cancer, starving folks in the US, R.I.F., or something that gives something back and keeps giving – that would be most important of all).

I am not being cruel about my family, I just know how they are. The money would go to drugs or alcohol and not for a damn thing that matters.

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