John D

I found out this afternoon that my friend John D passed away suddenly. John is around my age… was, I need to think in was which is hard… which isn’t that old and the details of why he was found slumped over in his chair this morning are still sketchy. We don’t know what caused this tragedy to happen, and it isn’t what important anyway.

I’ve always liked John (I keep back spacing in here to change tense and I don’t want to do that so I’m not going to), and not just because he was so very ruggedly handsome. In meetings his sarcastic wit, his spiritual fitness and his compassion always manage to touch me right where I need to be touched. He loves AA and is the finest example of the Big Book you’re likely to see.

Maybe it’s because he’s from the midwest, maybe that’s why I’ve always felt a connection. But maybe, it was his big heart that reached out to everyone he knew and just pulled them in.

I’m going to miss you John, I’m sure a million other people will as well. I hear they have meetings up there, save a seat for me.

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