My First Trip to Nashville

Note that I mention “first” as I plan to go back.

We left from BWI bright and early on Southwest (my first time on Southwest also, was fine) and landed in Nashville around 8:25 or so. Lisa took us to breakfast at the Pancake Pantry (a must visit for breakfast lines around the block to get in and well worth it).

We then walked around a park … not that I remember the name of the park, but it was pretty and a nice walk. There was also a arts and crafts type thing there that we browsed for a while.

Lisa and Rankine’s house is beautiful, and I loved meeting their dogs (Daisy and Buddy) who also apparently loved me (tons of kisses from dogs – don’t tell my cats). We hung out for a bit, unpacked and freshened up.

For dinner we headed to a local restaurant and Ray Stevens (Country Music comedian/star) came in after us that was kind of neat.

Then it was off to downtown Nashville, we went to the famous bars behind the old Grand Old Opry (I hear there is a Grand NEW Opry, but I don’t think anyone pointed it out to me.

Then it was off the the Bluebird Cafe for song writers night, Leeroy Parnel was there and some other people… very cool.

work is in the way right now… I’ll write more later

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