Quitting a Church


You’re quitting your church, that you’ve been attending for how many years due to some comments that keep coming out of it? This church hasn’t been touting the same nonsense for the previous years that you’ve been a member, just now… yeah right.

You belonged to the church because you believed the fundamental message that the church was preaching. Now you’ve suddenly had a change of heart after how long? What opened you’re eyes? Why the sudden change of heart? Did you suddenly find that the religion of the all powerful media is a stronger faith than what you’ve been used to?

Stop for a moment and look at the fools we let talk that are “religious leaders”: Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, Billy Graham, the Pope…. these fools continue to say incredibly insensitive things that should have them banned from the airwaves, the pulpit and certainly not ever be allowed in the White House… yet you think what’s been coming out of your church is more outrageous? Come on… Grow some balls…

At this point it’s too late, you’ve left your church… going back now and saying that you let the media and polls tell you to leave and that you want back in is stupid…

This was a dumb move. Don’t let “them” decide what is worthy of believing in a land where we preach, but don’t often practice, “freedom of religion”.

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