I’ve got a lot of upcoming travel.

In June I go to WI for my nephew’s going away party (he’s joining the Army) and instead of being in DC for Gay Pride, I’ll be in Nashville, TN for the first time. It’s hoped that I’ll get to see the Hall of Fame and the Grand Ol Opry.

In July, I travel to WI once again, this time for my 20th High School reunion, well kind of… I’m not meeting many of the people from high school, as most of them are a blur in my mind, but I am meeting a few friends that stand out in my memory. It will be good to see them all, and the bonus is that I get to spend time with my Ma & Pa and Rhonda.

I was kind of hoping to get to NYC this summer, there is a Superhero fashion exhibit at the Met that might be interesting, but I’m not sure that I’ll get up that way. Does sound kind of interesting though. Maybe it’ll travel to DC, I hear shows like that sometimes do.

There is a potential trip to Cancun this Fall (looking for good prices) with friends. Hopefully I’ll find a nice guy to date and take with me this year.

And I’ll be traveling to San Diego this year for my 38th Birthday in December. I’ll be staying at a hotel that is very close to the Zoo and hope to do the Zoo, Sea World and the museums… maybe find a nice man to have fun with also.

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