I Saw Iron Man

I really liked it. Great special effects, they stuck to the story line that we know and love in the comic books, and Robert Downey Jr was magnificent. He really played the part of Tony Stark quite well. I thought Gweneth Paltrow did a nice job in her role as Pepper too, but I hope the public doesn’t expect a romance – as that would not be in the script.

Previews that were before the movie included the Incredible Hulk, Narnia, Adam Sandler’s new flick, Mike Meyer’s new flick and the Happening – with Mark Walberg. I thought the preview for the Incredible Hulk looked great and the Happening might be worth seeing.

2 thoughts on “I Saw Iron Man

  1. Took the stepson to Iron Man. Thought it would be one more cinematic “taking a bullet for the kid”. (Great, another lame comic-book movie.)What a surprise!Decent script. Good dialog. Fantastic performances. I’d even go again.


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