The Trip

I arrived in Fort Lauderdale, on Thursday night around 5:00 pm. Michael K picked me up and took me to the resort, his place and then to dinner. It was a balmy 80 degrees, the sun was setting it was gorgeous.

It was a pleasure to see Michael again and hear about the goings on in his life. He looks well, and I miss him, but also loved his house and wish I lived in Ft Lauderdale… well, part of me wishes that.

The resort was simply stunning, Royal Plams, the room was immaculate. The pool a comfortable temperature, and the hot tub VERY HOT. They did a marvelous job with the foilage and the whole setting of the place. I did not see any men on my first night there, I went upstairs and watched CSI… yes I know, my priorities are a bit skewed.

Friday morning I awoke to cold, and rain… it stayed cold and rainy until I left on Sunday morning. I am not kidding. To add some more to the mix was wind from every direction imaginable.

I did go into the pool when the rain would cease, and I spent some time in the hot tub… until… my skin started to burn, chemical burn… seems the chlorine flow for the hot tub was on full blast and the water in there burned sking, reddened skin and even took off hair from parts of my body… ah the joys of vacation.

It was Saturday afternoon when I noticed a new arrival at the resort, yes there had been others, but no one was worth writing about. The new arrival, his name was William, was very handsome in his white robe, cigarette smoke billowing out of his goatee encircled mouth from his balcony in the pool suite. He smiled a knowing smile at me, and I truly believe I blushed. We played the glancing/smiling game for a while and I mentioned to the other guests that he was my objective. He came down to the pool, dropped the robe to reveal a barrel chest, with just the right amount of hair and tan all over. He then swam over to the side of the pool where I was reading and stared at me.

“What are you reading?” he queried

“Just a collection of short storys.” I answered, standing at attention while still sitting down.

He smiled at me and motioned me to come into the pool with him. I jumped into the pool and we had a marvelous time fondling each other in the pool he had me very excited and about to explode before I knew what was happening. We retired to his room and had some joyous foreplay before I begged him to take me… it was wonderful.

In the shower later he washed me, running the bar of soap in circles all over my body. “Just relax” he said. His hand rubbing me in every spot imaginable. He was really very sensual and romantic.

I did not fall in love with William, but he certainly knows how to show a guy a good time.

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