The Eggs

When I was much younger, I used to have my own comic strip; it was a family of eggs.

The dad, hard boild and with a crack down his side was always complaining about this or that, the mom, was a regular egg, very fragile and in need of care, and the baby was a sunny-side up egg, you know representing the hope for the future, a brighter day tomorrow and all that jazz.

I just remembered this strip this morning while lying in bed. My grandmother always liked it and then would talk about how some famous comic strip artist was criticized for only having 3 or 4 fingered characters… nope don’t remember who that was. So her compliments of my strip were drowned out by the history lesson she gave me each time. I do think I may have tried to modify the hands each time she talked to me, but I don’t think she ever changed her tune.

Anyway, I’m sure it was clever and cute and you would have liked it.

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