Politicians in hind sight…

The first election of George W. Bush (if you can call a court decision an election), filled my very soul with a fear I could not describe at the time. I remember a discussion with my Ma at the time, and she felt pretty much the same way, an overall fear of the future if he would have won.

Sadly, as you all know, he did “win” the legal battle.

As I listen now to the Iranian President and the Venezuelan President, I sincerely agree with them. I think, as Chavez stated, that George W. Bush is the devil himself; I am speaking a bit figuratively, I don’t actually believe in the devil, but if there were one, his motives would match those of “W”‘s for sure.

It’s said over and over again, even last night on CBS Evening news in their Free Speech segment… the amount of people with a hatred for the US of A has increased ten fold since he took office. This is true, watch the news… see what the people have to say and do.

So at what point do we, as a people change, when do we wake up and smell the coffee and change the direction of our country to something that is more positive in the world. When do we stop being the world bully, and stop policing the values and rights of other nations?

I’m also in agreement that the UN is a joke, their declaration, sanctions and protestations amount to nothing. And, giving the original 5 founders veto rights and no one else is a laughable attempt at democracy.

Times are a changing… When do we change with them?

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