So Far Away…

I’m reading Hamlet for school, and my last English paper will be five pages long on one of the major themes of Hamlet. I HATE HAMLET. Never have I had such a hard time reading something, or finding a reason to care. Here’s a major theme of Hamlet… its long and boring with too many footnotes.

Algebra, is still my primary foe in school-exponents, radicals and radicands. “Be patient with your variables.” In Algebra, if a problem doesn’t seem to work out right: multiply it times it self to get the answer… but, I ask you, if you have 5 apples, and multiply 5 apples times 5 apples doesn’t that equal 25 apples? Math is about lying and cheating, making shit up as you go along.

Cats are here, sleeping next to me, as soon as I open my Algebra book Mouse will want to lie on top of it, she thinks it’s worthless too.

Anyway, I’m most of the way through Hamlet, then I should write more frequently.

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