Ah Love!


Sure, it’s Valentines day and I could write about how wonderful it is that couples like Donna & Chris, Cristy and Peter, Mark & Robert, Michelle & Neil, Pat & Brenda, Suzanne and Randy, Zelda and Harlan all have their true loves at their side… YUCK! Screw you all!

Those of us single, lonely trying to stay warm with only the nearness of a cat or blow up doll as the case may be… WE are the ones that need something today… would a box of chocolates be out of the question for us loveless? Us forgotten? Us terminally single?

So take your flowers, your candies, and romantic dinners… food poisoning upon all of you, wretched, love struck fools!

Ah Love!

By the way, Happy Birthday Zelda!

One thought on “Ah Love!

  1. If its of any consolation….My valentines day was spent in tears at the therapists office explaining to [x] why I was finished with the marriage.


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