Rocket in Flight

His name was Rocky, but his mom and dad called him Rocket. In his eyes you saw undying love and devotion. He would eat anything and everything: mail, dog food, caulking guns, slippers…

He peed whenever he got happy… which was all the time, he was the happiest dog I have probably ever met.
“Hi Rocky” dog pees….
Look in an area NEAR Rocky and the dog pees….
Pet Rocky dog pees…

He honestly was the most loveable, he sat when I told him to sit. He would rest his head on my knee during barbecues. His tail wagged extra hard when I was outside with him (lettting him pee of course) just petting him or giving him a kiss on the head. He was comfortable in his own cage, his bed if you will… the door wide open, but it was where he felt safe.

Rocky was put to sleep tonight, January 9th, 2006. He had a tumor in his lungs that wasn’t letting him breathe properly.

Rocky is survived by his Mom and Dad, brother Simba, and two sisters Destiny and Cotton. He truly was an angel in dogs skin, and my heart longs for one last hug.

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