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The Return of the Beast

Donna M. and Chris S. sent me an unusual gift….

They said it was coming, and I assumed: cookies (love peanut butter cookies, feel free to send some), or World Of Warcraft subscription card or even a comic book….

The UPS guy arrived, knocked at the door to be sure someone was home and then went to get my package. He brought the cart out, the cart? That’s a lot of cookies or comics… wait… maybe they sent me Spiderman from work… Nope, he discards the cart and just lifts the box… its huge what the hell is it? As he gets closer I see the name brand on the box: Insignia.

“They bought me a phqn TV?” I exclaim… and then quickly say “I’m sorry, please excuse my language…”

“No problem, you must have some nice friends.” He says.

You have no idea… I have the best of friends. Thank you to Donna and Chris… such weirdo’s.

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