Five hundred twenty-five thousand…

How do you measure a year in the life? First I thought I’d send stuff out in the mail, but that’s neither me nor cost effective. So, it gets posted here. The year was one of change, tears, and conquering fears.

Favorite items of the year:
TV: CSI’s Quentin Tarantino episode had to be the creepiest thing on TV I’ve seen in years
Book: The Kite Runner
Music: Rob Thomas, Soundtrack to RENT, John Legend (thank you Denise F)
Movie: It’s a tie between Batman Begins and RENT
Video Game: World of Warcraft

I started the year with a staggering change: I quit smoking!!! No patch, no gum, not even hypnosis… just a little prayer to God. That’s it… is all it took for me. Thank God for understanding friends, co-workers and family.

At my place of employment: Our kind and loving boss was replaced with a monster that knows only to tow the line. Thus started the downward spiral of that program. At that point REALLY missed my boss, at this point still do. The newsletter I had created reached it’s one year anniversary. And people started to find new places to work, live and be.

Only one trip of any consequences: to Cleveland to visit Julie, Chris, Sam and Hannah (save the best for last). Had a great time, you can read about it on this site in the June archives, the title of the story is Fish Pride.

I made a decision in June to return to school, to prove I could, to get away from my job, and to get an education. Sent in my application for student aid, the college, and started to look for a place to live. College is going well, see the posts in December.

Change was all around as friends found new jobs: Zelda, Kristi (or Christy), Julie, Robert, Donna, Erin, Veronica…. the list goes on. Found new homes: Mark and Robert, Chris and Donna, Peter and Christy (or Kristi damn personality disorders).

I left Washington, DC my home of 7 years in August/September with the cats (they still have not forgiven me) to the small town: Chesapeake. Truthfully, its a sprawling area filled with people of all races and ages.

Ran in my first marathon in October, bought a bike and still rode it up until December 7th when it broke.

When I left DC, I didn’t leave one single friend… I left family. Not a day goes by that I don’t miss Gary, Chen, Ann, Courtney, Phyllis, Donna, Michelle, Denise, Mark, Robert, Jeri, Keetra, Kim…

I truly miss my family, my home, my life.

4 thoughts on “Five hundred twenty-five thousand…

  1. “I started the year with a staggering change: I quit smoking!!! No patch, no gum, not even hypnosis… just a little prayer to God. That’s it… is all it took for me” ANSWERED PRAYER, AM SO HAPPY READING THIS … CONGRATULATIONS!


  2. Hey Jamez. I miss you too. I meant to call you at Christmas but went home to Minnesota… to spend time with my family…Still trying to recover…You are right., it has been quite quite a year. Would you have ever thought two years ago that you would be smoke free, living near VA beach, riding your bike faithfully to college classes???I believe the best is yet to come…Even though you don’t hear from you all the time, know that I think of you often. I am glad to hear all is well. Take care. Love you – Bye, bye!P.S. I told you you would love John Legend (smile)


  3. Trust me, there’s not a day that goes by that I don’t miss you. Your cheerful pessimism will forever ring through the halls of P1.


  4. Hello James, I did miss your letter in print form because it was always fun to leave it laying around the farmhouse to startle people who stopped in and wanted to snoop around at my mail. Oh well, enjoyed the blog anyways! Congrats on your accomplishments, keep on growing. We’re the same as usual – – 4 dogs, several cats, 11 horses, Ron & me, both kids still out on their own and workng (Kate works for LSS now with a gal with disabilities), no extraneous reproducing so all is well so far! Happy New Year!


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