Fall Semester Grades

Here you go folks, my grades for the first semester of collegs. I think I did pretty well, the “S” is for a remedial course which does not actualy count for or against my GPA, but the “S” is pass so technically I got an 83% in Math.

2005 Fall Semester James Appel Credit Tidewater Community College

English: ENG 111 Graded A 3.00
Computers: ITE 115 Graded A 4.00
Algebra: MTH 3 Developmental S 5.00
Psychology: PSY 201 Graded B 3.00
Student Development: SDV 100 Graded A 1.00

Current GPA 3.727
Cumulative GPA 3.727

3 thoughts on “Fall Semester Grades

  1. Need I say how proud I am of you…but then of course I knew you were going to do good. I really miss you….I pray for you every night. I wish you all the best!Veronica


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