Warm Nights

I’m awake at 3:04 a.m. I wanted to go to sleep around 12:00 a.m.
The heat, for some reason, wont shut off… just keeps blowing. I flipped the off button, I turned the AC on… nothing.

First thought is: holy batwings, batman… that’s gonna cost a bundle.
Second thought: where the hell are those important phone numbers from when I signed the lease?

It says on that very important sheet of paper:

situations [that] are considered an emergency:

  • fire
  • gas leak
  • no heat
  • toilet backed
  • flood
  • broken window
  • no A/C

No where does it say too much heat… so I’m not gonna call at 12:00 a.m. or at 3:07

But, I’m not gonna have it keep blasting heat at me. So, I flipped the fuse for it. Now I have no heat, but it’s my own fault… do I call them now? “Yeah, I have no heat… ah, duh, cause I flipped the fuse.” yeah, that sounds real smart.

I’m about to run the heat for just a little bit, and then go to sleep, cause I’m tired… I get sleepy when it’s warm. I’d just let it run and charge the leasing company, but I have irrational fears of the thing blowing up and killing the cats… which would be bad… No, really it would be.

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