Saw the movie RENT on Friday night, truly a masterpiece… Lots of fun, had me wanting to sing along by the end of the show.

Taye Diggs… ooooo la, la… I’d see it again just to stare at him throughout the entire movie… drool.

A love story, a musical, a testament to living with AIDS….. spectacular. (nope, had never seen the play)

Did I mention Taye Diggs? Damn that boy is hot!!!! Evil, but hot!!!

One thought on “RENT

  1. I have to ditto this! The movie was wonderful. I am a fan of the play (have seen it 5 times). You must see it while it is still playing. I was worried that the movie would not capture the same emotions of the play, but it did. I was singing in the movie theatre. I have the original soundtrack, but will be getting this one too because they have some new songs on it that i love!


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