Essay Two – Idea/Ideals

The second Essay is to look at an idea… include at least one (informal) outside source, some quoted text, and I need to show by example…

These are the selections I’m considering:

AA’s watered down message of group therapy
Congress passing laws in a day, only when it benefits them directly
Blind Patriotism
Gay Marriage

Which do you think I would write well? Leave me a comment (be sure to type in the word verification after your comment) on the site.

2 thoughts on “Essay Two – Idea/Ideals

  1. Hi Jamez, I think you would be able to write a powerful essay on any of those subjects, but I’ll vote for politicians passing bills so quickly… Gay marriage would be interesting too. I was thinking it might be hard to find outside sources to back up your arguments for the blind patriotism and/or AA…but that’s just a guess. Hope you’re doing well. I’m enjoying reading your blogs! Love, Stacixoxoxo


  2. I agree, I think the congressional actions in less than a day, for their own benefit, is a HOT TOPIC. Go For It. But I do know your passion for a REAL AA Meeting too. One that actually include ALCOHOL. HUGS, M


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