School Update

Maybe it’s just me, maybe I will always get more than I bargained for.

My first tatoo is much bigger than I had hoped for… covering up a very small tat the original intention… it truthfully covers up my left shoulder.

That’s how I feel about Math 03, I signed up and knew I’d get “pre-Algebra”… we’ve got Geometry, and real Algebra… wow, more than I bargained for.
My current Math grade is 90% (out of 100).

… about Psychology 201, I signed up for the fun crazy people parts (kidding)… suddenly, I have to know about the forebrain, hindbrain… eyes, nose, tongue… wow, more than I bargained for.
My current Psy 201 Grade is unknown, I’ll know on Monday how well I did on the first exam, my first homework assignment I received a 10/10.

My Introduction to Computer Applications class is boring… the “teacher” tells us to do the exercise in the book … he plays on his PC.
My current ITE 100 grade is unknown, the test is this coming Monday, I foresee no problems.

My Composition class is going well, my first essay was a resounding success… my revisions to that essay will be turned in for a grade on Tuesday.

My Student Development Class, which I HATE… I’ve gotten 100%’s and A’s on everything I’ve handed in… and an A on my presentation on Alcohol.

I’d say things are going well, but I don’t want to jinx it.

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