Math Test Results

This is basic Math/pre-Algebra we’re talking about here. The test had 20 questions worth 5 points each. My score was 86%. My overall course grade right now is 91. I need to stay above 80 to pass this class.

I know what your thinking, I do, I should be thinking it too: That’s good Jamez.

But, I’m not, I think about all the things I did wrong on the test, and why did I do them wrong on the test? It says add, I multiply… it says divide I subract… what the hell goes on in that head of mine?!?

I was so wrapped up in not doing better than 86%, that I could barely comprehend what the teacher was talking about for our next assignment (or it was just that complex that my small brain couldn’t comprehend it). Actually, I didn’t do too bad on the practice questions in class, but still failed to do the proper action on the problems… again adding instead of dividing and so on.

Pity me, o Pity me! I’ll get over it.

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