The Fortress of Solitude

I actually checked out the Fortress of Solitude (a.k.a. my new apartment) today. Found out a lot of things I didn’t know too:

  1. There’s a pool on the property that I get to use
  2. There are two tennis courts that I get to use
  3. There is a Volleyball Court that I get to use

The Fortress is HUGE (size does matter, trust me).
The windows are placed in just the right spot for the kitties.
The carpet is soft and everywhere (I’m going to need to buy a vacuum now)
I love the kitchen, the bedroom, the main room… the closets are very big, just in case I need to go back in one! 😉

There are stairs that lead to the door and the door only, which should make the cats a little happier when they see it. Overall, I think I picked the right spot for an apartment!!!

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