Speed Limit Enforcement

The main road from DC to VA Beach is a long, rather boring commute. What simply continues to amaze me is the signs I see along the road:

“Speed Limit Enforced by Aircraft”

Now, in my minds eye, I picture an Air Force Jet barreling down on law breakers, blasting them to bits with missles. I realize this may not be happening, we would certainly see massive pits from weapons fire, or smoldering wrecks along the shoulders.

I want truth in advertising, or government warnings. You say enforced, then do it… think of all the people we could get to slow down. Think of all the soldiers, currently in Iraq, we would need to come home and monitor speeders. I think it’s probably a lot less dangerous, and they’d see more of their families as well.

Bush says leaving Iraq early would send the wrong message to terrorists. I say if we bring the troops home to set up speed traps, it shows the terrorists that we are more worried about generating revenue through speeding tickets, than we are about suicide bombers.

Think of the lives saved, the money made, and the ape like face of the President!!!

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