First Day Of School

Gee, I feel like a kid again. First day of school jitters, nervousness, sleepless nights… OY

Truthfully I couldn’t sleep well at all, there was a point whenI thought I might and BOOM the phone rang (thank u Donna M! LOL… kidding, it’s always a pleasure).

I wanted to start the day off right, woke around 7:30 or so and sat around (Suzanne and Randy only have Fairy Coffee and I’m not that kind of homo so I do without) for a while and said little prayers off and on. It’s nice to have the dogs there, they need attention and love and I focus less on myself that way.

I stopped at the IHOP to have breakfast and coffee, I wanted to have a full stomach, and some caffiene before class, which I think I’ll continue to try to do for each class.

I arrived at class in plenty of time, plenty of parkins spaces available too. I took a seat in the second row, I thought up front might be a little much even for me… there were a couple of other students in the front row. Several of the students that were at the class early with me had interesting things to say about the class, the instructor and life in general… like: “I failed this once already with the other instructor” “I’ve heard Mrs Locke is the best for this class” “I can’t stand Math and dropped out of this class once already after the second class, but I hear Mrs. Locke is better.”

Yep, it was Mrs. Locke, and she was friendly, entertaining, and kept my interest. She did some ice-breaker exercises and told us the rules and gave handouts.

It was entertaining, it was informative, it was refresher, it was Math… Mrs Locke did inform the class: Math is now your favorite subject.

We’ll see.

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