Overruling the President, Publisher and Owner.

Pretending to cry on the witness stand: $42,000 Offering to settle for minuscule amounts “to avoid embarrassing Jim in front of his family”: $19,000 Attempting to make profit on a newsletter after years of failure and studies saying it can’t be done: $100,000 Watching you lose this case in front of your employees: PRICELESS The […]

When did it start? and why?

I don’t know the why of it… I can speculate that he was having troubles making payments on his credit cards and to investments groups that he belongs to (he has a habit of discussing his financial issues in the open office for all to hear). In the summer he first started to talk about […]

The Newsletter

The newsletter is what John really wants to sell. This is the project that for over a decade he’s been hoping would become a money maker. This is where I kept remembering AA definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. When I came on board, the newsletters price […]