neither endorses nor opposes any causes…

Telling you that I was in attendance at this weekends SRI Roundup because its mandatory as a member of the SRI steering committee would be a lie… I love AA, round-ups, conventions, assemblies and the like… they started me early on service work and it helps me to continue to grow. Round Ups and special […]

For Free & For Fun

The circle and triangle of the program represent Recovery, Unity and Service together as a whole. They tell me it’s an ancient spiritual symbol that existed long before any 12 step program was ever dreamt about and means “wholeness”. I was taught to believe I need all three to recover from alcoholism – that I needed […]

My Sponsor Wont Shake My Hand

When i first started going to meetings the very first direction I was given by my sponsor was “Shake everyone’s hand before and after the meeting” I wanted to stop going right then, I didn’t want anything to do with these people – I just wanted to learn how to drink like normal people. (surprise, […]

What's a 'Home Group'?

“This is your home group for the next year” he said “What’s a home group?” I asked “That means you’ll be at this meeting every Sunday night – unless there is a funeral, and it better be yours.” That was what my first sponsor told me when I came into the rooms. I took him […]

It's Just a Job

“…for veterans, it’s about relating to them without pretending to understand” Amy Appel (my sister) talking about serving veterans. For years she’s been giving veterans massages at the VA hospital in WI she wrote this guest blog on the AMTA WI Blog and I thought some of you might enjoy it also. Click on this […]

Traditions 4 & 5 and the Responsibility Statement

The other day before a meeting I was looking up at the Traditions on the wall and anticipating what tradition we’d be on this week (the Wednesday night meeting has a revolving schedule for what we read: 1st Week the Step corresponding to the month out of the 12×12, 2nd week the Tradition corresponding to […]