Eric John – Part VIII

The beginning of this story can be found here: Eric John Eric John had been missing two days now. The police had questioned Mrs Smithton, but she had slipped into a shock where she couldn’t seem to talk at all. She would just stare straight ahead at nothing. Once in a while a tear would […]


“I love you” he said “Why do you say that?” James asked Smiling down at the child he states “I say it because you fill my heart with joy” “How do you know your heart is filled, is there a meter somewhere?” the boy asks, looking at the man with curiosity and half expecting a […]


Here we go again, I think as we stand and grab hands. We sure do pray a lot here, but at least everyone doesn’t hug me here like they did at the NA meeting I attended. “Who keeps us sober?” comes a voice from across the hall and then the chanting begins: “Our Father who […]

Chapter One

I’ll be adding a few of the chapters here to the blog so you can follow my progress, here is Chapter One, let me know what you think. Chapter One Having been born in a mental institution, I often find myself wondering if I’m crazy myself. Fortunately, too often, I run into someone else that […]

November Novel Idea

I’ve decided to participate in this years NaNoWriMo and that’s just scary. NaNoWriMo is National Novel Writing Month an annual event that challenges people from all walks of life to write one 50,000 word novel from scratch during the month of November. I like to write, which will be helpful, but thinking about writing that much […]